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Satellite imaging Egypt

Something You should know!

Satellite Imagery in Egypt and beyond


This is a very brief and succinct history of our experiences and connections with the satellite imagery programme from the late 1990’s.

This is a long and complex tale and one which many would slot into the realms of science fiction or ‘bizarre’ and alternate science etc…

I assure you from what I know and what we were told by the people involved at the time the information below is true – they say fact is stranger than fiction.


I offer the information to you all to give you an idea as to what was really going on at the time, and still is in certain circles. Take what you will of it, I know the events happened, I was there, and often a trail of destruction followed and personal loss in academic freedom and many threats.


Our original ‘involvement’ in 1998 – 2006 was basically concerned with researching the satellite imagery of sites in Egypt in connection with the publications of our 2 volume books – Giza Genesis, The Best Kept Secrets, published originally in 1999, but again in 2001 and 2002 with my co-author James Wilkie (deceased RIP).


Our first point of contact in 1998 – 1999 was with Farouk el-Baz, the well known NASA imager who was responsible for the mars and moon landings back in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Read all about him here



It was Farouk who initially gave us the information and data we required – and at one time a useful source of ‘inside information’ however we always received the information as soon as the military had completed their use of the data. NASA (I call them ‘Never A Straight Answer’ are basically a military arm)


Our research at the time concerned below surface anomalies in Egypt, especially surrounding the Giza Plateau Necropolis, we had discovered at the time, hitherto unknown ‘tombs’ for want of a better description – now being discovered ‘formally’ – We had also discovered amazing and weird discoveries within and below the Pyramid of Khufu and the area surrounding the necropolis as a whole.


At the time Zahi Hawass was the director of the Giza necropolis prior to his ‘promotion’ to the secretary of Supreme Council of Antiquities. He was very interested in our findings within and below the pyramid of Khufu and in 1999 met up and allowed free range of the site for my colleague Jame Wilkie. Hawass was desperate to find his ultimate goal – that of the supposed Hall of Records (still maintained by many as a myth) and the tomb of Osiris – as many of you know the latter was later discovered, in part due to our information imparted to him.


Since 2002, we decided to not give any data/information to such people as they were using the information gleamed for nefarious purposed.

We were also working with Dr Jan Merta, also recently deceased – Jan had spent a few nights in Khufu back in the late 1970’s early 1980’s carrying out sound experiments, and I have the only recording of that experiment – you can hear it on this site..



Jan had been mentioned in 18 whose who books and was considered at one time to be the most accomplished man on the planet, it was a privilege to know and work with him for 12 years, both as a friend and a colleague – you can read his bio here..




Going back to the Hawass – if you want to know of his interest back in 1988 read the reply of a fax to him by Jim regarding the ‘anomalies’ at Giza here..




But, I digress – back to Farouk el Baz.

Fraouk as I mentioned, was a good source of information until the military started to find some VERY useful information below the ground in Egypt. Prior to the Mars and lunar later landings, they used Egypt as an ‘experimental satellite imagery’ area, especially as it was so dry and sandy.

In 1980’s, they discovered many unknown sites and buildings below the sands, many of vast areas – Using this information and techniques they went further east to Jordan, where Farouk discovered what he termed (to us) ‘Blue cities’. These were underground ancient cities which were deposited with much wealth. It was at that point we lost contact with Farouk, circa 2001.


Farouk has been an ardent follower of the ‘Development corridor’ in Egypt – Quote

..a proposed superhighway west of the Nile from the Mediterranean Sea coastline to Lake Nasser. The proposal would provide numerous opportunities for the development of new communities, agriculture, industry, trade and tourism around a 2,000 km strip of the Western Desert.

See more here…




This was an idea going back many years – and prior to constructing anything of this magnitude much complex pre research and practical soundings have to be established – especially utilising the then up and coming technology of satellite imagery.

As I have already mentioned, whilst carrying out this technology they discovered many ancient sites well below the surface of the sands – and if you look at the proposed map and track of the corridor, it winds in and out of certain areas…thus avoiding these so-called ‘newly announced’ ancient sites. They have been known about for over 25 years!

Once the military have used the information for their own ends, then it is gradually passed on to other researchers, often even being given funding (and the origins of such technology to the researcher not being given – thus it being ‘easier’ to pass on the buck and take off the pressure to NASA and the military)


I am in no way undermining or belittling the hard work carried out by Egyptologists and archaeologists researching into such areas today – such as in the field of ‘astroarchaeology’ etc  as in the case of Sarah’s work (who was at Swansea a few years ago) – see here


What I am saying, is that these sites were known many years ago – however, the agenda at the time was not ‘ancient history’ or archaeology – but for military purposes – they were looking for something else at the time – something so bizarre you would not believe it, and having spent many years of my life in this area, I am not going into this deep pit for the time being – it may upset or unbalance the views and ideas held by many of you…..I do not wish to alter your perception at this time, you will ‘discover’ this in all good time!

This could be sooner rather than later the way agendas are being played out in Egypt.


The military have always in the past and will in the future, play the field to their own agendas, leaking out information as and when it pleases or suits them – like cast off clothing, once used many times, it is time to go on to something more new and exciting. The ‘cast offs’ are then given ‘freely’ to eager researchers in the belief they have discovered something new and exciting – Naturally, modern archaeologists put their own time and effort into this area and complete what the originators never did as it was of no use to them…they used the data and swept it to one side as there were more bigger fish out there!


The sands of Egypt host a multitude of sites and artefacts – of which only about 10% has been discovered, and of that another 25% is still yet to be made publically available.


As I mentioned in the beginning, take what you will of the information, having been there, seen it (been below the Giza Plateau) having been made to resign from my post graduate Egyptian research back in the 1990’s due to pressure from above etc (all documented) it is of no consequence to me what people believe or not believe – I will be retiring from academic life in the next year or so -  All I can say is that, insh’allah, we may soon witness many of the ‘discoveries’ of the age.

I wish you well in your studies and research, and remember – keep an open mind, a keen insight and record everything you do for future reference – you never know when you will need it!

Howard Middleton-Jones

PS – I have only dealt with 1% of the ‘goings on’ in Egypt, which had, and has, a greater affect permeating through many military organisations and government bodies around the globe – like the proverbial butterfly in the rainforest – the wave effect hits all in its wake!

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