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Sands of Time

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Sands of Time

Photographic Exhibition


Unique Photographs from Egypt and the Gower Peninsula, first area in Britain to be designated An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)


Oriel Bach Gallery Mumbles

Swansea SA3 4AA


Monday July 29 – Sunday 18th August

 Photographs and Greeting cards for sale at competitive prices

Oriel Bach Gallery Mumbles Swansea

Subject areas include:


Desert and Nile landscapes

Ancient sites

Unique aerial photographs of the West Bank Luxor

People at work and play

Street Photography


Please click on links below to view a selection of the Photographs

Egypt from the air- West Bank ancient Necropolis Luxor

Egypt - A Day in the life - People at work and play

Egypt - Life on the River Nile

The Gower Peninsula South Wales UK

Swansea and Mumbles

Gower - Swansea Landscapes

To view the many photo sets including the many temple and pyramid sites of Egypt, street photography, action and sporting events please click here

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