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Welcome to my 'Book Hub' -here you will find not only my own publications, both print, kindle, audio books and film, but a bibliography of some of the books I have found to be of an interesting read... Enjoy

Life On the Nile, An Illustrated Journey - print and kindle edition 2021 - Howard Middleton-Jones

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Forthcoming Publications

The Archaeology and History of Selected sites in Herault Languedoc-Occitanie South West France
May 2022

El Antikkhana: 1835-2020: The Egyptian Museum - 185 years in the Making - Paperback and Kindle editions Howard Middleton-Jones

Journey Through Gower - 1982 and 1992

'Journey Through Gower' my first publication written in 1982, will be available as an updated version, with new high quality resolution photographs in the Summer 2022 - please keep checking in for updates

A Journey Through Gower - audio version 1986 - You tube

The 1986 audio version was kindly narrated by Pam Hopkins, originally for the 'talking Blind' books for the partially sighted. Thanks to Alexander Roberts of Swansea University the original recorded tape has been digitally remastered and freely available

Flint To Fortress - Video - the archaeology and history of the Gower Peninsula - Howard Middleton-Jones 1996

The Flint To Fortress Video, was one of the first early videos made of the archaeology and history of Gower - with a budget of 100, I enlisted the help of Swansea Camera man Dayve and we spent a week or so on Gower filming. For the aerial shots we used the services of a local pilot who was gaining flight time hours in light aircraft - to accomplish the footage, Dayve hang out of the under luggage compartment while I hung on to him - at 2000 feet! Now we have drones!

Thanks again to Alexander Roberts, who also runs the 'Ancient Wales' blog for remastering the video

Published Contributory Chapters

As a retired Archaeologist, specialising in Coptic archeology in the latter years, the following are my publications and contributory chapters in various related books and Journals

Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt Vol 2 Nag Hammadi Esna

Christianity and Monasticism in Aswan and Nubia 2016

Christianity and Monasticism in Middle Egypt Minya And Asyut 2015

Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future 2012

Recent trends in computer applications in archaeology 1998, Journal of Archaeological Research

General Books on Egypt

Akhmim - The Lost City of Egypt - Howard Middleton-Jones 1998

Giza Genesis - The Best Kept Secret Vol 1 2001 James Wilkie and Howard Middleton-Jones Galileo Publishing Arizona

Giza Genesis - The Sphinx Revealed 2002 James Wilkie and Howard Middleton-Jones 2002 Galileo Publishing Arizona

CD's and DVD's

The Sounds of the Great Pyramid of Khafre Cairo Rare recording of a 1984 sound experiment in the Kings Chamber - By Dr Jan Merta, remastered and edited by Howard Middleton-Jones

The Hall of Records - The Pyramid of kahfre - James Wilkie and Howard Middleton-Jones

Research Papers

The Coptic Database Project Howard Middleton-Jones 2007

Coccidiosis Research Management of Coccidiosis Chicken research - Wellcome Foundation Veterinary Research Dr. R B Williams and Howard Middleton-Jones 1979

Coccidiosis Research - Coccidiosis Chick Isolation Research 1979 Wellcome Foundation Veterinary Research Dr R.B Williams and Howard Middleton-Jones