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To view the many high resolution photographs of Coptic Egypt please link here for follow my photo sets

Available now as a kindle book, the paperback version available soon: El Antikkhana: 1835-2020: The Egyptian Museum - 185 years in the Making

At last - due to the many post revolution events in Egypt, finally the Aswan volume of the Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt is now available - contributions from the Aswan Coptic symposium in 2010..!
Click on the front cover of the volume below for further information



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This is an ongoing research area with many useful links and articles on Coptic archaeology, art and history

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Coptic News and archive Blog - compiled by Howard Middleton-Jones

Interview with the Coptologist Dr. Gawdat Gabra in Munster Germany.
Please click on the photograph below to watch the streamed video - this will open a new window


My many thanks to Peter Hossfeld (pictured left above) of VCS Productions (Switzerland) for kindly coming to Munster to film the interview.
Also pictured above, Dr Gawdat Gabra (centre) and myself.
My grateful thanks also to Gawdat Gabra for the interview.
Photograph was taken at the library of the famous Institute of Egyptology and Coptology Munster University

Dr. Gawdat Gabra

Institute for Egyptology and Coptology - Munster University, Germany

Interview with Howard Middleton-Jones and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams discussing the Desert fathers - click on picture below


I am grateful to the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace for allowing this interview to take place and for the filming facilities.
My thanks also to Peter Hossfeld of VCS productions Switzerland for hosting the streaming video

VCS Productions Switzerland