Gower Open Water Swim Training

Coaching content

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Coaching content and areas of training

There will be two swim sessions daily, one short session and one longer session to suit abilities Content of training sessions:

Over the three days of training, approximately 12 hours, the sessions will include the following areas:

Open water stroke analysis

Technique improvement

Water safety advice

Exercises to improve speed, endurance and technique

Open water navigation - How to swim in a straight line!

Mass swim starts - How to avoid being swamped at the start of a race

How to overcome those panic attacks so many swimmers experience at the beginning of a race.

How to overcome that feeling of dizziness on leaving the water

How to pace in a swim and how to use the swimmers near you to your advantage

Transition tips, from swim to bike and bike to run

Beach running techniques

Each day will start with a short meeting to discuss individual requirements, abilities and progress

After completion of the training a personalised progress review and advice on future training will be emailed to each attendee.

What to bring?

All swim sessions will be sea based:

Bathing costume/Tri suit
Wet suit
Swim goggles
Swim hats (essential for safety and can be provided if necessary)
Water resistant sunscreen (It gets hot in Marseillan!)
Flippers (not essential)
Fleece for post swim sessions (can also be breezy on times)

During the week, including outside of the three day training period, we may organise a few short running sessions, so please bring your running kit