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Open Water/sea swimming safety weekend

Dates for 2023 TBA July -
Content below

Saturday 10 am Practical dry land instruction/information - 2 hours

Saturday 2 pm swim session

Sunday - 11 am same for those who cannot make the Saturday session

Maximum of 10 people each session

Venue - Langland Bay

Cost 10 per person per day session

Subject areas covered:

1. Pre swim checks and tips

2. Advice on swim kit, wetsuits, tow floats etc

3. Personal risk assessment walkabout on the bay.

4. Locating safe entry and exit points

5. Weather forecast and tide tables

6. State of tides (Bristol Channel has the 2nd highest and lowest tidal fall in the world)

7.Where to find the information

8. Sea observations - behaviour of the water

9. Identifying hazards, Rip currents, rocks, wave types etc

10. Rip currents - how to recognise a rip and how to deal with a rip current

11. After drop - the effect of a continued drop in core body temperature post cold-water swimming - recognise the symptoms and prevention + post swim tips

12. Hypothermia how to recognise and deal with the situation

The sessions will be of use to both those swimmers who are in the process of just taking up open water swimming, and for those who are regular sea swimmers to refresh their knowledge and skills.

A full detailed print out of the subject areas discussed will be given out on the day

Session organiser and instructor Howard Middleton-Jones


Contact me for further details