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Whiteford Burrows Trail walks

Located in the North West of Gower, Whiteford Burrows is a National Nature Reserve, owned by the National Trust.

GPS location: Marked at the old Warden’s House 51.623306 minus 4.258572

Route starts at the side of the old Warden’s House, following the path towards the old sea wall and onto the National Nature reserve

Please keep to the paths whilst on the actual Nature Reserve.
If you bring your dog, please keep it on a lead – there will be sheep and horses grazing on the marsh.

Important Notes:

The route in the summer months - be advised it can get very hot in the dunes, ensure you take plenty of liquids (water, gels etc) and suitable clothing for the heat (sunglasses and head protection recommended)

The above route was used with successful results when a few of us trained for the Marathon de Sables in Morocco.

Caution – if you walk the beach at low tide, you may notice the odd wartime remains in the form of artillery shells, including mustard gas shells. Do not touch these shells as some are still ‘active’. The beach is regularly swept by the Royal Naval ordnance (EOD) team from Plymouth.

Walking option - Sunday 8 August Meet Cwm Ivy field car park 11am

The walk will be of approximately 3 to 4hours.

There will be an initial pit stop where you will have time to consume any food/liquids you have brought with you for the afternoon.

The walk will be of a leisurely pace, with opportunities to take photographs and view the local fauna and flora.

The route will follow the track alongside the pine woods and inner marsh, passing the old lodge via the old sea wall, following the path through the nature reserve bearing towards the dunes, onto the beach and onward to the lighthouse

Tide will be just on the turn and by the time we reach the lighthouse - hopefully, depending on the state and height of the tide, there will be opportunity to walk around Whiteford lighthouse.

From the Lighthouse we walk towards the point by the the 'mullet' lagoon, where we will have a lunch pit stop. From there we will walk to Burgess island
The return walk will be via the lagoon at the point and through the pine plantations and the 'Great Plain' in the dune slacks, then onto the old wardens' cottage.

Please ensure you bring ample fluids for the walk and if it is a sunny day, a sun hat, it can get quite warm in the dune slacks.




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