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                                   Where is Marseillan Plage?

The old historic town of Marseillan and the nearby Marseillan Plage are located in the Hérault department, on the Southern coast of France. While Marseillan is a protected heritage site, famous for its natural saltwater lagoons, adjacent Marseillan Plage is a popular Mediterranean coastal resort with six kilometres of fine sands and clear, warm waters. This makes the area ideal for swimming and many other water sports centered in and around both areas.

Marseillan Plage has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants, excellent camping sites, an RV park and a number of gites and guest houses, offering a wide variety of facilities and accommodation both for the individual and family holidays.

In both Marseillan and the Plage there are several boating marinas providing excellent facilities for the boating/yachting enthusiasts and other water sports in general:

Such as:

Kitesurfing and wakeboarding

Kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, sub aqua diving and the latest craze, flyboarding.

Sete, a well known French fishing town is only 16 kilometers away accessed via a causeway road and cycle track between the Mediterranean and the salt lagoon, while Montpellier is only 50 kilometers away to the east and easily reached by car or SNCF train (30 minutes).

How to get there:


Marseillan is approximately 20 minute drive from Beziers (Cap d' Agde) airport, and there are regular aero shuttle buses from the airport to both Marseillan Plage and Marseillan old town.


Marseillan Plage also has a train station, SCNF, with regular trains running to Montpellier in the east and Spain in the west.


France has a good overall road system, composing of main roads and auto toll routes; refer to the Marseillan office of tourism link below for full details on how to get there

Marseillan office of tourism getting there

Marseillan Tourist information brochure and maps


For further information - contact Howard M Jones

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